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CFPs for ALA

Calls for Papers
Emily Dickinson International Society

The Emily Dickinson International Society seeks submissions to a panel at the annual American Literature Association Conference (ALA), which will be held at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco on May 24-27, 2018 (Thursday through Sunday of Memorial Day weekend).

"Dickinson: Out of Context"

This panel seeks papers that read Dickinson, or theorize reading Dickinson, outside of the usual contexts or altogether outside of context as we usually conceptualize it; or, essays might consider how recent theories of networks, assemblages, or ecologies might upend our ways of reading Dickinson contextually; or, essays might consider Dickinson’s own thinking about context(lessness). Papers might consider how to read Dickinson in relation to 21st-century politics or other 21st-century discourses, or in tandem with non-Western discourses, or how lines or stanzas of Dickinson’s poems work to produce meaning in unexpected contexts (Battlestar Galactica? A graffiti installation at a forcibly-evacuated public housing project in New Orleans? On photocopied sheets in a library in Baghdad?).

Paper proposals should be submitted by December 30 to Stephanie Farrar

Subject line for proposals should read: EDIS 2018 American Literature Association.