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2011 MLA Sessions

“Dickinson Forming History.”
Chair, Martha Nell Smith, University of Maryland, College Park

“On the Inside of Language: Dickinson’s Conditional,” Jessica Garratt, University of Missouri

“When Is a Poem a Hymn?,” Joshua Jensen, Claremont Graduate University

“Differences of View: Dickinson and Whittier on the Panoramic Poem,” Phoebe Putnam, Harvard University

“Dickinson’s Afterlife.”
Chair, Alexandra Socarides, University of Missouri

Julie R. Enszer, “‘I found the words to every thought / I ever had—but One—’: Invocations of Emily Dickinson in Lesbian-Feminist Print Culture,” University of Maryland, College Park

“The Bervin Fascicles,” Logan Esdale, Chapman University

“The Possessions of Emily Dickinson,” Seth Perlow, Cornell University