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2002 MLA Sessions

The 2002 meeting of the Modern Language Association will be held December, 27-30 in New York City. EDIS will again sponsor two sessions.

The first, "Seeing Dickinson, Sounding Dickinson," chaired by Mary Loeffelholz, will feature Wendy Pauline Shilton, University of Prince Edward Island, on "Musical Mediations: Dickinson's Taxonomy of Sound-Sense"; Eva Heisler, University of Maryland, on "'Best Witchcraft is Geometry': The Dickinson Line as Geometric Object"; and Cristanne Miller on "Sounding Dickinson in the Nineteenth Century."

The second session will be a roundtable titled "Dickinson as Historical Guide." Vivian Pollak, Washington University, will chair the panel. Other panelists will be Marianne Noble, American University; Jane Eberwein, Oakland University; Shira Wolosky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mt. Scopus; Betsy Erkkila, Northwestern University; Cheryl Walker, Scripps College; and Jonathan Morse, University of Hawaii.

For additional information, contact
Mary Loeffelholz at Department of English,
Northeastern University, Boston,
MA 02115-5000, or at m.loeffelholz@