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1996 MLA Sessions

Thanks to the efforts of Vivian Pollak and Jane Eberwein, EDIS has at last been granted status as an allied organization of the Modern Language Association of America. This means we will be able to present two Dickinson sessions at each annual MLA meeting. Pollak has organized this year's panels.

The first, moderated by Eberwein, will be on "Emily Dickinson's Influence." Pollak will speak on "With Jealous Affection: American Women Poets Reading Dickinson"; other panelists are Cynthia Hogue on" 'The Plucked String': Dickinson, Moore, and the Poetics of Select Defects"; and Karen Sanchez-Eppler on "Exhibiting Sheets ofPlace: Seeing Emily Dickinson Through Contemporary Art."

The second panel, moderated by Paul Crumbley, will address "Dickinson's Critical Reception." Panelists will be Marietta Messmer on "Emily Dickinson's Critical Reception in the 1890s: The Politics of Journalistic Criticism"; Marianne Erickson on "The Polish Dickinson"; and Wendy Martin on "At Century's End: Emily Dickinson-A Composite Portrait."

The MLA meeting will be held in Washington, D.C., December27-30. For registration and other information, contact the MLA at 212-475-9500 and ask for the convention office.