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2007 MLA Sessions

I. Open Panel

1. “Bridges Often Go”: Dickinson’s Bridge Poems in Context. Susan VanZanten Gallagher, Seattle Pacific University.

2. Heritable Heaven: Wills and Estates in the Dickinson - Lord Correspondence. James Guthrie, Wright State University.

3. “Behind the Eyes of God”: Emily Dickinson, Physics, and the Question of Faith. Mary Ryder. South Dakota State University.

II. Emily Dickinson and the History of Ideas.

1. “Miles and John Alden are Synonyme”: Dickinson’s Philosophy of Language. Melanie Hubbard, University of Tampa.

2. The Term Between: Dickinson’s Skepticism. Nancy Mayer, Northwest Missouri State University.

3. A Luminous Nothing: The Aesthetics of Anorexia in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry. Michelle Rhee, Stanford University.

The speakers in the "open" panel are all exploring the way Dickinson acquired and adapted specific vocabularies. Each of the "History of Ideas" papers attempts to ground a basic component of Dickinson's poetics (philosophy of language, skepticism, and anorexia) in an appropriate historical lineage.