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Steps for Starting an EDIS Emily Dickinson Chapter Group

1. Choose a dynamic and dogged EDIS member who has a love of Emily Dickinson’s poetry and who has willingness to sponsor the group.

2. Find an organization (such as a church, college, library, or museum) to support the group.

3. Find a place to meet which is free or can be rented for a reasonable fee.

4. Set a convenient time to meet.

5. Communicate with other EDIS members and Dickinson enthusiasts in the area and ask them to join.

6. Contact local libraries, schools, colleges, universities, and museums to obtain a list of potential participants.

7. Contact list via email, telephone, or mail.

8. Advertise on the Internet, in newspapers, on public radio. Hang posters in schools, libraries, colleges, and museums.

9. At the first meeting or as soon as enough participants are present, choose a secretary to remind participants of the next meeting just before each meeting is scheduled.

10. At an early meeting, brainstorm ways to raise funds for incidental expenses, such as rent, posters, advertising, and copies. Perhaps members would prefer paying dues.

11. For each meeting, prepare copies of poems and other material discussed. Before each meeting, email the planned program to participants, potential participants, and other interested people.

12. Be sure to display EDIS brochures, Bulletins, and Journals at each meeting!