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2014: Emily Dickinson Dwells in China CFP

Announcement of International Symposium
Emily Dickinson Dwells in China―Possibilities of Translation and Transcultural Perspectives

Hosted by Literary Translation Research Center of Fudan University
Co-organized in cooperation with The Emily Dickinson International Society

Dates: November 22-24, 2014
Location: Shanghai, China

Focused on transcultural rewriting and interpretation of Dickinson in China, this symposium is committed to discussing topics such as comparative poetics, influences on Dickinson, the reception and translation of Dickinson, transcultural canon formation, and new topics in Dickinson studies. This symposium will also launch a cooperative translation project, which aims to select, translate, and publish a group of Dickinson poems with annotations and commentary.

In the months before the conference, the conference organizers will put together small translation groups, consisting of Chinese translators and Dickinson scholars who are native speakers of English. Each Chinese translator will select, translate, and annotate a number of poems, in at least occasional electronic collaboration with other members of her or his group. During the conference, translators will work more intensively with Dickinson scholars who are native speakers of English, presenting, discussing, and revising their translations and commentary. On the last day of the symposium, there will be a poetry reading in both English and Chinese, which will feature the translated work.

To participate in this conference by presenting a paper, please submit an outline or abstract of your paper (150-250 words) to,, or before May 15, 2014. To participate in the cooperative translation project, please submit a brief resume before April 15, 2014 to We hope that all native-English-speaking scholars presenting papers will also participate in the translation project.