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EDIS in Paris, Conference Program

EDIS in Paris, June 24-26, Cité Internationale Universitaire Conference Program

To download a PDF version of the program, click here.

Friday, June 24

9.00-10.00, Fondation des Etats-Unis (Lobby and Grand Salon)
Registration and Welcome Addresses: Martha Nell Smith, EDIS President; Jane Wald, Emily Dickinson Museum Director; Antoine Cazé, Conference Organizer; Sophie Vasset, Director, Fondation des Etats-Unis; François Brunet, Director, Collège Franco-Britannique; Robert Mankin, Director, Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe

10.15-12.00: Panel Session 1 – Fondation des Etats-Unis & Collège Franco- Britannique

Panel 1: Dickinson’s Networks of Forces – Chair: Alex Socarides
FEU Library

- Michelle Kohler (Tulane University): Time Constraints: Dickinson’s Clocked Poetics
- Cody Marrs (University of Georgia): Dickinson and the Physics of Force
- Grant Rosson (UCLA): ‘Are not those your / Countrymen?’: or, Dickinson on Defense in the Higginson Letters
- Alexandra Socarides (University of Missouri): Collaborative Dickinson

Panel 2: Dickinson's Rhythm and Meter – Chair: Christine Savinel
CFB Auditorium

- Rosemary Winslow (Catholic University of America): Gaits, Trapdoors, and Abysses: Dickinson’s Modulations of Music, Meter, and Speech Rhythms
- Cristanne Miller (University at Buffalo): Dickinson’s Radical Enjambments
- Adeline Chevrier-Bosseau (University Paris Est-Créteil): Emily Dickinson, the Lyric Poet as an Experimental Dancer
- Adalberto Müller (University Federal Fluminense): Emily Dickinson in Translation: Rhythm, Image, and Thought

Epistolary Experiments – Chair: Mary Loeffelholz
CFB Mezzanine Room

- Hillary Roegelein (University of Maryland): What’s in a Letter?: Material Encounters and the Susan Correspondence
- Faith Barrett (Duquesne University): “The Pleasures of the Mail: Epistolary Address in Mallarmé and Dickinson
- Tania Ganitsky (University of Warwick): Let’s Get Lost: Dickinson’s Structure of Address
- Efrosyni Manda (National and Capodistrian University, Athens): “I consign myself to you”: Emily Dickinson’s Epistolary Epiphanies

Meeting Apart: Encountering Other Writers (20th Century) – Chair: Isabelle Alfandary
FEU Chicago Room

- Katherine Robinson (Independent Scholar): “The Lark-Shaped Hole in the Lark’s Song”: Dickinson’s Influences on Ted Hughes’ Images of Absence.
- Nelly Lambert (Bard Early College, Baltimore): Doors and Silver Shelves: Dickinson and Stein
- Vivian Pollak (Washington University, St. Louis): Heartbreak: Elizabeth Bishop and Dickinson’s Erotic Traumas
- Claire Nashar (University at Buffalo): Dickinson and (Our) Contemporaries

12.15-1.45: Lunch – Fondation des Etats-Unis

2.00-3.00: Plenary Session – Fondation des Etats-Unis (Grand Salon)
Christine Savinel (University Sorbonne Nouvelle): Dickinson’s “Instincts for Dance”, or the Gesture Towards Unlikeness

3.15-4.45: Panel Session 2 – Fondation des Etats-Unis & Collège Franco- Britannique

Panel 5: Teaching, Learning, Listening: Resources and Strategies for Dickinson Studies in the Classroom and Beyond – Chair: Nicole Panizza
CFB Auditorium

- Stephanie Tingley (Youngstown State University): Dickinson in Six Objects: A Teaching Experiment
- Emily Seelbinder (Queens University of Charlotte): “The Figure of a Nut . . . But Meat within”: Experiments in Gathering
- Georgiana Strickland (Independent Scholar): Dickinson on Record [tentative title]

Panel 6: African-American Inflexions – Chair: Vivian Pollak
FEU Library

- Amanda Licato (Stanford University): “Upon a foreign shore / Haunted by native lands”: Emily Dickinson and Racial Masquerade
- Wendy Tronrud (CUNY): “Odd secrets of the line”: The Poetics of Emily Dickinson and the Negro Spiritual
- Maria Muresan (Queens University): Unsetting the Map of the Lyric: Dickinsonian Moments in African-American Poetry of Experience

Panel 7: Experience & Experiment I – Chair: Cécile Roudeau
FEU Chicago Room

- Jefferey Simons (University of Huelva): Dickinson’s Senses of Experience
- Mary Loeffelholz (Northeastern University): Dickinson in Time of Experiment
- Lingling Xiang (Zhejiang University): Robin as an Experiment

Panel 8: The Flood Subject: Experimenting with Immortality – Chair: Paraic Finnerty
CFB Mezzanine Room

- Mourad El Fahli (University of Fes-Sais): Nature as a Substitute for God
- Anne Ramirez (Neumann University): “And then I knew I heard”: Re-Searching Dickinson’s Immortal Experiments
- Naihao Lee (National Taiwan Normal University): Form of Life or Form-of-Life: The Infinitizing of Signification in Dickinson’s Poems

5.00-6.30: Panel Session 3 – Fondation des Etats-Unis & Collège Franco- Britannique

Panel 9: Philosophical Experiments – Chair: Faith Barrett
FEU Chicago Room

- Shira Wolosky (Hebrew University of Jerusalem): Enigma vs. Metaphor: A Levinasian Reading of Dickinson
- Kylan Rice (Colorado State University): “Light – enabling Light”: Dickinson and the Apparatus of the Poet’s I
- Jasmin Duecker (University of Cologne): “A certain Slant”: Deleuze, Dickinson and Experimentation

Panel 10: Soundings – Chair: Emily Seelbinder
CFB Auditorium

- Mathieu Duplay (University Paris Diderot): Elusive Epiphanies: Emily Dickinson and the Question of Opera in John Adams’ Harmonium
- Samantha Landau (Showa Women’s University, Tokyo): Song and the Experiment of Transcendence: The Image of Singing in the Poetry of Emily Dickinson
- Nicole Panizza (Coventry University): A Music Numerous as Space: The Emily Dickinson Song Archive – Influence, Inspiration, and Impact

Panel 11: Intimations of Time – Chair: Martha Nell Smith
CFB Mezzanine Room

- Annelise Brinck-Johnsen (Dartmouth College): Emily Dickinson’s Queer Time
- Amy Nestor (Georgetown University): Dickinson. Matter: Experiments in Deep Time
- Yuji Kato (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies): Emily Dickinson’s Reversions of Time and History during the Civil War

Panel 12: Meeting Apart: Encountering Other Writers (19th Century) – Chair: Cristanne Miller
FEU Library

- Mita Bose (Delhi University): Dickinson as Precursor of Henry James, the ‘Master’ of Twentieth Century Modernism
- Betsy Erkkila (Northwestern University): Radical Imaginaries: Crossing Over with Whitman and Dickinson
- Li-hsin Hsu (National Chengching University): “Is this, frostier?”: Emily Dickinson’s Poetic Experimentation and W. Wordsworth in America

6.45-7.45: Snack Dinner – Fondation des Etats-Unis

7.45-8.45 – Fondation des Etats-Unis (Grand Salon)
Performance by the Paris Diderot Students’ Drama Workshop (dir. Sophie Vasset)

9.00: Reception (drinks and sweets) and Art Exhibit Inauguration – Fondation des États-Unis

Saturday, June 25

9.00-10.30: Panel Session 4 – Fondation des Etats-Unis & Collège Franco- Britannique

Panel 13: Dickinson and Celebrity: The Angled Road of Literary Fame – Chair: Paul Crumbley
FEU Library

- Elizabeth Petrino (Fairfield University): “I went to thank Her—”: Dickinson’s Cult of Literary Celebrity
- Paraic Finnerty (University of Portsmouth): Dead Celebrities: Dickinson’s Poetic Fandom
- Paul Crumbley (Utah State University): “Fame’s consummate Fee”: Dickinson’s Nameless Celebrity

Panel 14: Experience & Experiment II – Chair: Hiroko Uno
CFB Mezzanine

- Paul Wise (South Georgia State College): Emily Dickinson’s Fiery Transports
- Isabel Sobral Campos (Montana Tech, University of Montana): “Doom is the House Without the Door”: Dickinson’s Experience of Matter
- Brunilda Kondi (University of Tirana): Encouraged to Experiment by Emily Dickinson

Panel 15: Exploring Foreign Spaces – Chair: Eleanor Heginbotham
FEU Chicago Room

- Cindy Mackenzie (University of Regina): “ ‘To Estimate the Pearl’: Dickinson’s Translation of the Oriental Aesthetic”
- Xiaohong Fan and Jiang Ningkang (Nanjing University): Ambivalence towards Immigrants in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry
- Barbara Dana (Author, actor, independent scholar): Warriors of Two Landscapes: Emily Dickinson and Jeanne d’Arc

Panel 16: “The Possible’s slow fuse”: Dickinson’s Imagination – Chair: Mathieu Duplay
CFB Auditorium

- Eliza Richards (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill): Emily Dickinson’s Mediated Imagination
- Renée Bergland (Simmons College): Emily Dickinson and the Theory of Literary Relativity
- Gerard Holmes (University of Maryland): “... all from her own inspiration”: Composition and Improvisation in Emily Dickinson’s Work

10.45-12.15: Performance Session – Fondation des Etats-Unis & Collège Franco-Britannique

Performance Panel 1 – Chair: Adeline Chevrier-Bosseau
CFB Auditorium

- Katherine Hazzard (Global Center for Advanced Studies): Into the Metaphorstorm: Dickinson and Celan
- Tom Gardner (Virginia Tech): Poverty Creek Journal
- Elisabeth Frost (Fordham University), Cynthia Hogue (Arizona State University), Dianne Kornberg (Pacific northwest College of Art: A Dickinson Bestiary: A Choreograph

Performance Panel 2
FEU Grand Salon

- Nicole Panizza (Coventry University, concert pianist): Other Motes, Other Myths. With Sally Bayley (Oxford University), Suzie Hanna (Norwich University of the Arts), and Hannah Sanders (Independent Scholar and Performer)

12.15-1.45: Lunch – Fondation des Etats-Unis

2.00-3.45: Panel Session 5 – Fondation des Etats-Unis & Collège Franco- Britannique

Panel 17: Philosophical Boundaries – Chair: Richard Brantley
FEU Chicago Room

- Cécile Roudeau (University Paris Diderot): “Slipping – is Crash’s law”: Dickinson’s Precarious Legalism
- Saskia Ottschofski & Susanne Riecker (University of Tübingen): Emily Dickinson: The Poet as Linguist
- Rachel Quastel (Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts): “Love – thou art high –”: Dickinson, the Symposium and the Ideal of Love
- Daniel Fineman (Occidental College): Dickinson’s Poiesis and the Pragmatics of Poetry

Panel 18: “To make me visible”: Experiences in Visual Dickinson – Chair: Dan Manheim
FEU Library

- Claudia Bucsai (West University, Timisoara): The Visual Self of Dickinson in Photography
- Marjorie Micucci (University Paris Diderot): Reading, Writing, Remaking and Placing Dickinson within an Aesthetics of Relation: American Artist Roni Horn
- Clark Lunberry (University of North Florida): “A Word dropped careless on a Page”: Installing Dickinson
- Claire Illouz (Artist): Summer Boughs: Engraving Emily Dickinson

Panel 19: Creating an Experimental Archive – Chair: Eliza Richards
CFB Auditorium

- Martha Nell Smith (University of Maryland): Dickinson’s Manuscripts Forever Unsettling
- Setsuko Yokoyama (University of Maryland): Rethinking “Digital Archive” with Emily Dickinson
- Dorri Beam (Syracuse University): Assembling Experimental Social Orders in the Fascicles
- Midori Asahina (Keio University): Reconsidering Mabel Loomis Todd’s Career in promoting Dickinson’s Poetry

4.00-5.30: Panel Session 6 – Fondation des Etats-Unis & Collège Franco- Britannique

Panel 20: Rewording the Word: Dickinson and the Language of Faith – Chair: Jane Donahue Eberwein
FEU Library

- Linda Freedman (University College, London): “I’m Nobody”: Dickinson’s Experiments with the Language of Genesis
- Richard Brantley (University of Florida): Dickinson and Wadsworth: A Comparison of Poems and Sermons
- Jennifer Leader (Mt. San Antonio College): New England Legends of the “Fall”: Thanksgiving Day Sermons of Charles Wadsworth and Emily Dickinson

Panel 21: The Body as Poetic Experience – Chair: Renee Bergland
FEU Chicago Room

- Vivian Delchamps (UCLA): Body and Mind: Emily Dickinson and Sexuality, Fragmentation, and Thought
- Tavleen Purewal (Queen’s University): The Owner Passed, Identified, and Was Mistaken: Dickinson’s (Counter)Narratives of Bodies as Female Identity
- Sophie Mayer (University Sorbonne Nouvelle): “Fracture within”: Poetry as a Signifying Body

Panel 22: “Four Trees”: Dickinson’s Experimental Landscapes – Chair: Elizabeth Petrino
CFB Auditorium

- Christa Holm Vogelius (University of Copenhagen): Landscape and the Local in Dickinson
- Barbara Mossberg (University of Oregon): “This whole Experiment of Green”: Eco Emily Dickinson
- Yumiko Koizumi (Ibaraki University): Dickinson’s Metaphors Evoking Memories of “Winter Afternoons”

Panel 23: That short, potential stir”: Dickinson’s Death Experiences – Chair: Antoine Cazé
CFB Mezzanine Room

- Natalie Adler (Brown University): Down, and Down—Dickinson and the Drive
- Rachel Blumenthal (Indiana University, Kokomo): Neurasthenic Experiments: Dickinson and the Characters of Mind
- Karah Mitchell (University of Missouri): Dickinson’s “Science of the Grave”

6.30-7.30: Fondation des Etats-Unis (Grand Salon)
“The Poet and the Muse: Dickinson in Song.” A Recital of melodies by soprano Linda Mabbs, accompanied by Natasha Roqué-Alsina (piano)

7.45: Conference Banquet – Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe

Sunday, June 26

9.00-10.15: Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe (Grand Salon)
EDIS Members’ Meeting

10.30-12.00: Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe (Salle des Fresques)
EDIS Scholarship Circle, led by Eleanor Heginbotham

12.00-1.00:Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe (Grand Salon)
Plenary Session: Edith Canat de Chizy (Composer, Member of the Académie des Beaux- Arts, Institut de France) & Claire Malroux (Poet and Translator): Translations: A Conversation on Music and Poetry

Wrap up and End of Conference

Afternoon: Guided Tour of the Cité Universitaire Architectural Buildings and Gardens (on demand)

Afternoon: A Quiet Passion, by Terence Davies. Preview and talk with the Director & Producer. TO BE CONFIRMED

Coffee and drinks will be available throughout the conference

Art On Exhibit Throughout the Conference:
Clark Lunberry: “Written on Air/Written on Water”—Two Dickinson Installations (FEU/Parc Montsouris). The second installation to be confirmed
Isabel Michel: “A Soul at the White Heat”—21 gouaches after Emily Dickinson (FEU)