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2002 ALA Sessions

This year's meeting of the American Literature Association will be held May 30-June 1 in Long Beach, California. As in the past, EDIS will sponsor two panels.

The first, chaired by Paul Crumbley, will focus on "Dickinson and Politics." Speakers will be Maria Elena Caballero-Robb, University of California, Santa Cruz, on "Poetics and the Public Sphere: Poetry, Participation, and Uncommon Speech"; Elizabeth Hewitt, Ohio State University, on "Dickinson's Democracy"; and Coleman Hutchison, Northwestern University, on "Dickinson's Visions of Lincoln."

The second panel, chaired by Rob M. Smith of Knox College, will address "Dickinson as Precursor." Speakers will be Christopher R. Miller, Yale University, on "Emily Dickinson and Amy Clampitt: A Poet Looks at War"; Gudrun Grabher,
University of Innsbruck, on "Emily Dickinson and Adelaide Crapsey"; and Robert Sedarat, Tufts University, on "Escaping
New England: The Rejection of Landscape in Emily Dickinson and WallaceStevens." For additional information, email, or see