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1993 ALA Sessions

The American Literature Association will hold its annual meeting in Baltimore May 28-30. EDIS will sponsor two sessions there, one a workshop on editing Dickinson texts, led by the EDIS Editing Collective; the other on Dickinson and popular culture. For more information, call Alfred Bendixen (213) 343-4291.

ALA's newly inaugurated Symposium on Women Writers will be held in San Antonio September 30 to October 3, 1993. The EDIS Editorial Collective will present a panel on Ellen Louise Hart's and Martha Nell Smith's edition of Dickinson's correspondence with Susan Dickinson, and a panel on Dickinson and American women writers featuring Vivian Pollak, Paul Crumbley, and Annette Debo. For more information contact Jeanne Campbell Reesman, Department of English, University of Texas, San Antonio, TX 78249; phone (210)691-5347; fax (210) 691-5366.