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Farr, Judith

Professor Emerita, English and American Literature, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

[The following are publications that concern Emily Dickinson. For a complete bibliography that includes books and essays on other literary figures or subjects and for other works of fiction or poetry please see my Website:]


"The Gardens of Emily Dickinson" (Harvard UP, 2004)
Paperback (Harvard UP, 2005). Winner of the Rose Mary Crawshay Prize of the British Academy for the "Best Book Written by a Woman in English on a Literary Topic in 2004." Horticultural chapter written by Louise Carter.

"I Never Came to You in White: A Novel" (Houghton Mifflin, 1996). Mariner paperback, 1997.

"The Passion of Emily Dickinson" (Harvard UP, 1992).
Paperback (Harvard UP, 1994)

Essay Collection:

"Emily Dickinson: New Century Views. A Collection of Essays" with Introduction & Bibliography by Farr (Simon & Schuster, 1995). Hardcover & paperback.


"Preface" to "Emily Dickinson's Herbarium" (Harvard UP, 2007).

Critical Essays:

"Emily Dickinson's Garden: The Poetry of Flowers" (New York Botanical Garden Magazine, April 2010)

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Jane Donahue Eberwein and Cindy Mackenzie (U Mass. Press, 2009), 161-188.

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This essay was published under my maiden name: Judith Banzer. It was reprinted in "The Best from American Literature," ed. Cady and Budd (Duke UP, 1989) 52-68.

Poems in Tribute to Emily Dickinson:

"Remembering 28th August 1971 (When the U.S, Post Office Issued a Stamp Honoring Emily Dickinson),"
published in "Manhattan Poetry Review," Number 2.

"Of Berthe Morisot and Emily Dickinson's 'Supper of the Heart' in the "EDIS Bulletin," May/June 2000, 9.


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