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Gioseffi, Daniela

Daniela Gioseffi is a retired professor/author/poet/editor of featuring poems & essays celebrating nature and warning of climate crisis by accomplished American and World Class poets, Dickinson among them. She recently re-published THE STORY OF EMILY DICKINSON'S "MASTER,"as an e-book available at Amazon & other online bookstores. Gioseffi has read and lectured at Poets House, NY on Dickinson and Transcendentalism in American poetry. She has presented at innumerable venues. Retired from English Dept. of the School of Visual Arts, NY, she taught at Long Island U. NYU's Publishing Institute; City U. of NY: Brooklyn College. The Daniela Gioseffi Papers & Books are preserved and referenced at The Beinecke Library,Yale University with her many books and also, her signed editions from accomplished poets. More info at.
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Daniela Gioseffi is an American Book Award winning author of eighteen books of prose and poetry, and a retired professor of American and world literature, as well as creative writing. Early in her career, she was a featured scholar on a documentary devoted to the poetry of Emily Dickinson produced by Pacifica Radio, New York, 1978. In 2010, she published an historical, biographical novel titled, "WILD NIGHTS! WILD NIGHTS!" THE STORY OF EMILY DICKINSON'S MASTER: "NEIGHBOR AND FRIEND AND BRIDEGROOM..." with Plainview Press, Austin, TX. The novel is based Gioseffi's non-fiction essay published in The Chelsea Literary Review, Spring 2007, titled EMILY DICKINSON: LOVER OF SCIENCE AND SCIENTIST IN DARK DAYS OF THE REPUBLIC. The non-fiction essay with bib. and notes, became the foreword to her latest version of the re-edited novel, title THE STORY OF EMILY DICKINSON"S "MASTER," published in 2013 as an e-book available at,, Baker & Taylor, distributors. Barbara Kelly of THE EMILY DICKINSON INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY BULLETIN, Nov/Dec 2010 wrote: “A page turning tale of a bitter sweet love affair (1857-1865) …Gioseffi,a compelling storyteller, cleverly incorporates Dickinson’s poems, capturing the intellectual, cultural, and political ideas and voices of the 19th century, from the stern Calvinist voices of Mary Lyon and the Reverend Aron Colton to the domestic Irish lilt of Margaret Maher, …. Gioseffi helpfully advises Dickinson scholar’s to read her non-fiction foreword first. The novel is alive with detail and heartfelt emotion….Gioseffi introduces a Dickinson most readers have not met before.” And, a Dickinson who sheds the myths of her as a virgin recluse, a character more befitting of her youthful society and lively spirit when she was a belle of Amherst and quite sociable. ED's reclusiveness does not occur until her thirties due to grief and real losses that are well documented by fact.
Gioseffi also discusses how she came to write the non-fiction essay and the book based upon it in an interview with Angelina Oberdan of Clemson University,NC, titled EMILY AND ME: UNDOING THE MYTHOLOGY SURROUNDING AMERICA'S MOST ICONIC WOMAN POET: online at Sugar Mule, An E-zine:
Gioseffi's other publications include WOMEN ON WAR: INTERNATIONAL WRITINGS FROM ANTIQUITY TO THE PRESENT (The Feminist Press, CUNY, 2003, and ON PREJUDICE A GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE (Anchor/Doubleday, 1993). Her latest books of poems are the bilingual BLOOD AUTUMN /AUTUNNO DI SANGUE (VIA Folios/Bordighera Press: The Calandra Institute: The City University of New York, 2007, and WAGING Beauty as the Polar Bear Dreams of Ice, PWP; Hoboken, NJ 2016.) She is winner of the John Ciardi Award for Lifetime Achievement in Poetry, 2007, and The New York State OSIA Literary Award, 2008, as well as two grant awards in poetry from The New York State Council for the Arts. Her verse was etched in marble on a wall of the 7th Ave. Concourse of PENN Station, NY, 2002, with that of Walt Whitman and William Carlos Williams. In 2013, she also published PIONEERING ITALIAN AMERICAN CULTURE, Essays, Reviews, and Interviews with VIA Folios at the City U. of NY. This book includes an essay on Dickinson's love of Italy in her poetry.

Emily Dickinson: Lover of Science and Scientist in Dark Days of the Republic: Undoing the Mythology of The Iconic Poet's Life with a Selected Bibliography: THE CHELSEA LITERARY REVIEW Number 81: Spring 2006.

Emily and Me: Undoing the Mythology Surrounding America's Most Iconic Poet: An Interview with Daniela Gioseffi by Angelina Oberdan of Clemson University; NC, online at
SUGAR MULE: A Literary E-zine #23:



Hundreds of reviews and interviews of contemporary American poets in American Book Review, VIA, The Hungry Mind Review, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Small Press Review, Poet Lore, The Hayden's Ferry Review, The Cortland Review, BigCityLit, Barrow Street Review, The New York Times, Library Journal, Book List.

Hundreds of poems by Gioseffi are published in The Paris Review, Antaeus, The Nation, Prairie Schooner, Poetry East, Journal of the Poetry Society of America, Barrow Street Review, Chelsea, Choice, etc. and many online sites and e-zines including Google Daniela Gioseffi for thousands of online sites including Wikipedia and

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POETRY by Daniela Gioseffi: EGGS in the LAKE, BOA Editions. Rochester: NY. 1979 Also:

GOING ON, VIA FOLIOS at PURDUE University: West Lafayette, IN. 2000

SYMBIOSIS:AN E-BOOK: Rattapallax Press, New York, 2002. plus novels and stories from Doubleday, Dell, New English Library, Oxford University Press, Harper Collins, etc.
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Research Interests: Eco-poetry; Emily Dickinson & the Transcendental Movement in American Literature: A Seminar Presented at Poets House, NY City, Winter 2011. Emily Dickinson, Whitman, Emerson, Thoreau, Margaret Fuller, Harriet Martineau, Prof.of Science, William Smith Clark, Dr. of Botany and Geology at Amherst Seminary. Dickinson and Susan Huntington Dickinson. Dickinson and Lavinia Dickinson. Dickinson and her loyal dog Carlo. Dickinson and Botany, etc. Feminist Ideas in the Texts of Emily Dickinson