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2012 ALA Sessions

Dickinson’s Endings

Chair: Martin Griffin, University of Tennessee.

  1. “Dickinson’s Mutable God in the Context of Interdisciplinary Thinking”, Linda Freedman, University of Cambridge
  2. “Dickinson and Spiritualism”, Martin Greenup, Harvard University
  3. “Poets Ended: The Deaths of the Author in Dickinson’s Poetry”, Michelle Kohler, Tulane University

Dickinson’s Development

Chair: Vivian Pollak, Washington University in St. Louis

  1. “Savage Dickinson”, Randall Fuller, Drury University
  2. “Copyright, Fair Use, and Fan Fiction”, Kate Dunning, Case Western University
  3. Emily Dickinson’s Development as a Creative Thinker”, Jed Deppman, Oberlin College