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2015 ALA Sessions

Emily Dickinson and the Non-Human
Chair: Michael Joseph Walsh, University of Denver

  1. “The Monstrous Inside: The Body and Creation of the Monstrous Self in Emily Dickinson’s Poetry,” Lauren Rocha, University of New Hampshire
  2. “The Inhuman Excess in Dickinson’s Poems,” Naihao Lee, National Taiwan Normal University
  3. “Supernatural Dickinson,” Páraic Finnerty, University of Portsmouth

Emily Dickinson’s Afterlives
Chair: Michelle Kohler, Tulane University

  1. “Gilbert and the Afterlife: An Analysis of Seven Dickinson Elegies,” Cynthia L. Hallen and Jessie L. Rose, Brigham Young University
  2. “Poesis as Possession: Dickinson, Keats, and the Undead Poem,” Michael Joseph Walsh, University of Denver
  3. “Emily Dickinson’s Afterlife: The Aesthetic Question,” Shira Wolosky, Hebrew University of Jerusalem