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Hirschhorn, Norbert

Norbert Hirschhorn, M.D.
Independent Scholar, Poet, Public Health Worker


"A Bandaged Secret: Emily Dickinson and Incest." Journal of Psychohistory, 18, 1990.

"New Finds in Dickinson Family Correspondence." EDIS Bulletin, May 1995.

"Medicine Posthumous: Emily Dickinson's Health." Co-Authored with Polly Longsworth. New England Quarterly, June 1996.

Renewal Soup. Chapbook of Poems. Slow Dancer Press, London, 1996.

Mary Lincoln's Final Illness: A Medical and Historical Reappraisal. Co-Authored with R.G. Feldman. In press.

A Cracked River. Poems. Slow Dancer Press, London, 1999.

"Abraham Lincoln's 'Blue Pills': Did our 16th President Suffer Mercury Intoxication?" Co-authored with I. Greaves and R.G. Feldman. Under consideration.

Work in Progress

Further Exploration of Emily Dickinson's Health
Essays in public health on violence, historical origins of public health perspectives
A Lucky Life-Memoir of a Public Health Practitioner

Research Interests

Illnesses of famous dead people
Public Health
Anything that seizes me