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Ioannou, Costas

Costas Ioannou
Independent Scholar
Athens, Greece

Publications (Poetry)

52 Hellenic Haiku. Athens: J.G. Vassiliou Editions, 1990. [In Greek].

Haiku and Kiko. Athens: Gavrielides Editions, 1997. [In Greek and English].

Points of Fuga. Athens, 1993. [In Greek].

Publications (Translations)

Emily Dickinson: The Poetess of Times to Come. Athens: Gavrielides Editions, 1996.

D.H. Lawrence: Poet of Now. Athens: Odos Panos Editions, 1997.

Rupert Brooke. In press.

Work in Progress

2nd Revised Edition: Selected Poems of Emily Dickinson
Translation into Greek: Selected Letters of Emily Dickinson

Research Interests

Cognitive Poetics
Cognitive Linguistics