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We are happy to announce our next event in our #DickinsonLive series.
A reminder with the zoom link will be circulated a day or two beforehand.
Feel free to invite anyone interested. You can send them the link, or they can request it at

Speaker: Adalberto Müller
Date: June 4, 2PM EST.
Title: “From South of the Border: Dickinson Latina”

Abstract: In his article “Dickinson Latina,” Müller views Dickinson through the lenses of "foreignhood" and translation. He focuses on poems that involve Spanish and Portuguese words and worlds. Sometimes a small detail, like the cochineal in "A route of Evanescence" or a mention of the mines of Bolivia, opens up a global perspective that disseminates the poem’s circumference.

Adalberto Müller is an Assistant Professor of Literary Theory and Film Studies at Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói – Rio de Janeiro. He was a Visiting Scholar at Yale University in 2013, a Visiting Professor at Université de Lyon2/France, and a visiting scholar in Buffalo in 2018. He published Orson Welles: Banda de um Homem Só (Rio de Janeiro, Azougue, 2015), and “Orson Welles, Author of Don Quixote” (Cinema Journal, 2016), and he has recently translated the Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson in Portuguese.