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Szalai, Edina

Edina Szalai, PhD
Assistant Professor
North American Department
University of Debrecen, Hungary


“The Critical ‘Turn of the Screw’ of Emily Dickinson’s Reception: The Thomas Johnson Edition (1955).” The 1950s: Proceedings of the 2003 Biennial Conference of the Hungarian Association of American Studies. Budapest: ELTE, 2005. 177-81.

“Emily Dickinson and Nineteenth Century American Women’s Poetry.” HUSSE Papers 2003. Eds. Tamás Bényei Debrecen: U of Debrecen, 2004. 218-26.

“Conflicting Plots of the Gothic Romance in Ann-Marie MacDonald’s Fall On Your Knees.” Dialogues with Traditions in Canadian Literatures. Eds. Anna Branach-Kallas and Piotr Sadkowski. Torun: Nicholas Copernicus University, 2005. 123-39.

“Quilting Her Story: The Resisting Female Subject in Margaret Atwood’s Alias Grace.” Hungarian Journal of English and American Studies 9.1 (2003).

Work in Progress

I am currently working on an essay about the ways Dickinson adopted and deconstructed popular modes of female writing in order to challenge culturally sanctioned categories of femininity and gender.

Research Interests

Emily Dickinson
19th-century American women’s literature
The Gothic
Margaret Atwood
Canadian women’s literature
Gender Studies