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2012 EDJ Special Issue: “Pearls in Eastern Waters: Emily Dickinson in Asia”

EDJ’s special issue on “Pearls in Eastern Waters,” planned for November 2013, welcomes essays dealing with Dickinson and any aspect of Asian thought, literature, culture, philosophy or religion, translation, and reception. For the purposes of this issue, "Asia" will be broadly defined. Because this is a special issue, we will consider short and primarily factual as well as longer, analytical pieces for publication. To be considered for publication, essays must be conversant with current Dickinson scholarship.

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2011 Annual Meeting

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Follow the links to the Discussion Area for Great Debates at the 2011 Annual Meeting:

What Makes a Dickinson Poem “Dickinsonian”?
Who was the Master (or is that the Right Question)?
Why Didn’t Dickinson Publish?
The Dash

All Roads Lead to Amherst in 2011


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THE BANQUET IS NOW SOLD OUT. General registration for the Meeting will remain open until Monday, July 25th. Click on the link above to register online. We look forward to seeing you in Amherst!


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